Test rides

Test rides with family first, making sure everything works well!

Changing from low to high while riding is a very strange feeling… but you get used to it quickly and it works like a charm. Sitting up high gives the perspective of a normal bike or a car!

Say Hi to HiLo!

Hi all!

I’m proud to introduce you to the new website HiLo Bikes. The new HiLo Bike is a huge improvement from the ‘Ligfiets 4.0’ (EN: ‘recumbent bike 4.0’) and seeks to become the ultimate bike. Guaranteeing fast and healthy cycling, providing ultimate comfort and weather protection and creating unparalleled safety compared to other faired bikes.

The current status
Right now we are testing and improving the HiLo Bike prototype. More pictures and videos will follow!

Several accessories are being designed and will be tested with the prototype soon.