Why a HiLo Bike?

The ultimate bike for commuting, leisure and adventures.

Because cycling is healthy,

1 HiLo Cycling is healthy

runs on sandwiches only,

2 HiLo Sandwiches only

and creates little traffic jams.

3 HiLo Less traffic jam

With the HiLo Bike, you can go High to be safe with other traffic,

4 HiLo Go high be safe

or go Low to be fast,

5 HiLo Go low go fast

while being protected against bad weather.

6 HiLo Protected

In short, the Ultimate bike!

HiLo Double

Summary of Specs

The bike consists of a basic aluminium frame with active seat system and full suspension. Accessories like fenders, luggage carrier and lights are included.

The aerodynamic body can be mounted with a quick release system. Additionally, a passenger seat can be placed in the luggage area which can be used with a high driver’s seat.

Length2000 mm / 79 inch
Width720 mm / 28 inch
Turning circle5.0 m / 16.5 feet
Empty weight with body40 kg / 88 lbs
HiLo Active Seat SystemManual Hydraulic
Eye level High1350 mm / 53 inch*
Eye level Low930 mm / 37 inch*
* Depending on seat inclination and rider's length
BodyDoubles as a door
Wheels4 x 20 inch
SuspensionAll independent

About Gert Jan

The HiLo Bikes project has been initiated and engineered by Gert Jan, starting in 2009.

“Mechanics and cycling have fascinated me ever since my childhood. During secondary school I started dreaming of a faired recumbent bike for faster and more comfortable commuting to school. While studying Mechanical Engineering and later on working at my first job the 4 wheeled bike became a reality with a first prototype in 2013. Following feedback from many people the 4 wheeler received the major upgrade ‘HiLo Active Seat System’ along with many smaller improvements.

I am passionate about people and care for the beautiful planet we live on. It is my conviction that technology should always serve people and make this world a better place. Therefore I love cycling, since it is healthy for both the cyclist and the environment.”

Gert Jan is currently living and working in Loenen aan de Vecht, the Netherlands.

Gert Jan’s LinkedIn Profile

Many thanx to the people who have contributed to this project:
Bert, Dick, Mevr. Dierkes, Dinand, Joachim, Joanne, John Paul, Jonathan, Mel, Menno-Jan, Suzanna.

Get Involved

Please let us know if you want to be involved in making the HiLo Bike a reality, or want to stay informed.